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Chacopaper Washable Transfer Paper ( Single-sided )

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●Because it has the characteristic of disappearing with water, it is mainly used for handicrafts, sewing patterns, and copying paper patterns.  

● Copier paper that can be used 

for various materials such as cloth, paper, wood, synthetic paper, synthetic leather, plastic, glass, ceramics, and metal .

Washable Ink - for making pleats , tucks , darts , pockets , buttonholes and embroidery designs. 

● If you want to erase the copied marks or lines, wash them with water.

●There are 5 colors of blue, red, yellow, green, and white on one side. Applications Embroidery, dyeing, sewing, patchwork, quilting, painting, glass crafts, pottery, tall painting, chigiri-e, wood burning, crafts, etc.

chacopaper transfer

  • Product Size: 23 X 28 cm ( 5 Sheets blue , red yellow , green , white )
  • Quantity: 1 bag 5 colors sheets
  • Country of Manufacture: Japan

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