Haby & Wools was founded back in 1968, along the neighbourhood friendly stretches of Jalan Mountbatten in its early days, which has now come to be known as Jalan Tun Perak. Customers of the past and present have always sought to query upon the peculiarity of choice in name for our humble establishment as a haberdashery. The inception of Haby & Wools saw its dedicated pride of unrivalled commitment in offering tailoring tools and craft accessories sourced from various parts of the world such as USA, UK, Germany, Japan etc., not to mention our fair array of imported yarns and wools in store, which has made up the latter part of our friendly denomination.

Our outlet was relocated to Ampang Park in conjunction with its grand opening as Malaysia’s very first shopping mall in 1973, where we have opened our doors to patrons and shoppers for as long as we have gratefully cherished till 31st December 2017 due to the inevitable demolishment of our favourite mall in way to build our nation’s MRT line.

Of late, we have been graced by the visit of our friends at our latest outlet in Sungai Long, Kajang in which we have the privilege to uphold our tradition as 3rd generation tenants since Ampang Park and DMC’s sole distributor in our sovereign nation.

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